Adult Sunday School Classes

Sundays at 9:30am

***We will be resuming in-person Sunday school classes on Sunday, August 8th. Sunday school will begin at 9:30am and worship service will begin at 11am. Some classes will also be Zooming for those who are not able to attend. For more information, please fill out the form below or call the church at 410.381.1877.
Thank you!***


Current Study: The Gospel of Luke

This class is for adults of all ages and typically studies through books of the Bible. The class is led by Jim Woodard. Please join with us for Bible Study - we look forward to seeing you.

Good News

Current Study: "No Doubts: Six Things We Can Know For Sure, from 1 John" & "Walking in Confidence - Learn from Abraham"

This class is for adults of all ages and is a mixture of married and single adults. We are a discussion-oriented class focused on the topics we Christians encounter in life. This is a diverse group of Christians who share a personal relationship with Christ and support each other. If you are looking for a class, please join us this Sunday.


Current Study: The Book of Acts

The Ladies' Sunday School is for women in any season of life. All are welcome.  Prayer, fellowship, and outreach are also a large part of what we do.


Current Study: The Book of Romans

The Men’s class is a discussion-based group currently using Lifeway’s MasterWork series. The MasterWork series presents presents both classic and current works of respected Christian authors in a challenging Bible study format.  This class is for men of all ages. 


Current Study: The Book of Acts

This class is open to a wide range of circumstances in life. While the majority of the class are married couples, anyone is welcome and will find themselves right at home. Our studies range from book studies, books of the bible, to topics such as married life, parenting, and witnessing.

New Creation

Current Study: The Armor of God

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” (II Cor 5:17 NIV)
The class is open to all adults at all stages of their spiritual walk. Our class emphasizes applying the truths of the Bible to our lives. We do in-depth Bible study of books of the Bible and doctrinal topics. The class determines the subject matter and the pace of our studies. Our teacher, Jim Bogdanor, provides notes and leads the class using a lecture/discussion style.
You can jump into the study anytime. Come join us!

Young at Heart

Current Study: The Book of Acts

The Young at Heart Class, led by Bruce Sechrist, is a family of loving seniors who bear one another up in prayer, seek to serve one another, come together in time of crisis, study the Lord's Word and support needs at home and on the mission field. 

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